Pro Life Settlements

Pro Life Settlements is your link to comprehensive investment and financial services, featuring Bonded Life Settlements and creative strategies to bring investors superior high returns with low volatility as well as innovative ways for seniors to obtain cash instantly through Senior Life Settlements .

Pro Life Settlements specializes in offering Life Settlement based financial services.

Pro Life Settlements certified professionals are experts in helping both individual and institutional investors identify the best Life Settlement options available for you or your client.

What is a Life Settlement?

Life Settlements are the purchase of a life insurance policy or fractionalized portion of a life insurance policy written on a person whose estimated life expectancy exceeds 24 months and whose health condition would not be considered terminally or chronically ill for a fixed investment profit upon the death of the insured.

Life Settlement Process
What is the Life Settlement Process?

Clearly, it’s a time for enormous excitement. But ifs also a time for action – to embrace both the opportunities and responsibilities presented by the secondary market. Life insurance is now more flexible, more powerful, and more valuable for consumers and the professionals who serve them.