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Pro Life Settlements has been connecting people with the leading Life Settlements companies since 2005.

Over these 14 years we have built strong partnerships to ensure: Trust, Transparency, and Competitive Pricing.

Below we have compiled the top life settlement providers we have worked with in 2020. These providers paid the highest cash value when selling a life insurance policy.

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Who are the go to Life Settlement Companies in 2020?

Best Life Settlement Providers in 2020

1) Magna Life Settlements

Magna Life Settlements

Magna Life Settlements is the leading life settlement provider licensed wherever state insurance regulations require, and able to do business in every state. Magna Life pays people for life insurance policies they either no longer need or no longer want.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Vida Capital is a multi-billion dollar alternative asset management firm that manages both evergreen and closed-end structures. Vida specializes solely in insurance-linked strategies with a predominant focus on longevity-contingent risk.

2) Mason Finance

Mason Finance

Mason Finance was founded on the idea that access to the right information and excellent financial services has no retirement date. Everyone, regardless of age, deserves honest financial products that are designed for them.

3) Life Equity Partners

Life Equity Partners

Life Equity Partners (LEP) is the premier organization that trusted advisors and their clients turn to when maximizing the present value of existing life insurance. We are considered the nation’s leading settlement brokerage for insurance owners and their representatives.

4) Coventry Direct

Coventry Direct

Coventry Direct is committed to educating consumers about the option to sell their life insurance policy for cash through a life settlement, giving policyowners the choice to sell their unneeded life insurance and realize more value than a surrender or lapse.

5) Green Settlements

Green Life Settlements

Green Life Settlements was founded with two main goals in mind – to provide education and awareness to consumers who own life insurance policies they no longer need, want or can afford and to connect those consumers with qualified professionals who will help them unlock the hidden value trapped within their life insurance policies.

Green Settlements on How to Sell your Life Insurance Policy

#6: Ovid Life

Ovid Life is a Life Settlement company. Ovid claims “When someone is looking for a life settlement, they generally find Ovid. In 2018, policy sellers received an average of about 22% of their policy’s face value* in a life settlement payout.”


#8: Windsor Life Settlements

#9: Life Settlement Solutions

#10: Settlement Benefits

#11: American Life Fund

#12: Ashar Group

#13: Harbor Life Settlements

#14: Abacus Life Settlements

#15: Q Life Settlements

#16: Welcome funds

#17: Life House Settlements

#18: Amrita Financial

#19: Life Guide Partners

#20: Asset Life Settlements

What is a life settlement?

A life settlement transaction occurs when a retiree surrenders his or her life insurance policy for a predetermined amount of money. Life settlements are the descendants of the viatical insurance settlements that were offered to terminally ill patients back in the 1980s.

They have since become much more regulated and organized in nature, but there are still many factors that must be considered in order to arrive at a suitable settlement price. Life settlements are rapidly gaining in popularity because of their potential for more profitable payouts than other forms of life insurance settlement. 

What information do you need for a life settlement?

1) Date of Birth
2) Face Amount of your Life Insurance Policy
3) Health Status
4) Contact Information

This information is then processed by a Life Settlement company.

How does a life settlement work?

You will have to shop around to see who can get you the best deal. Most life settlement companies have online calculators that can spit out an estimate on the spot, but you’ll want to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line.

Each settlement company has its own set of requirements that must be satisfied before they will offer you a settlement. But most of them will simply want to know what kind of life insurance policy you have, the amount of your policy’s cash value and death benefit, your age and health status. 

Although the exact procedures and steps differ slightly from one settlement company to another, the basic process is that you will first contact the settlement company to see whether you qualify for a settlement. If you do, then the settlement company will calculate the amount of money that they will pay you and then do so.

Then the settlement company will assume the responsibility of paying the policy’s premiums and will collect the death benefit when you die.